We Strive to..
  • To bring out a directory and create a web site which will assist in locating manufacturers, traders and importers / exporters who are members. This is an effective tool to project profiles of members to Government Depts., Financial Institutions and other interested organisations for the growth of business.
  • To facilitate dialogue between international companies and members.
  • To promote member manufacturers and traders in potential new markets, both in India and abroad, by disseminating information and participating in events of interest to members.
  • To increase the awareness and knowledge of members through workshops on design and industry trends conducted by experts.
  • To facilitate skill development at various levels to overcome the shortage of skilled manpower in the industry.
  • To assist in promotion of the products of members by creating an awareness through the media in various forms.

Summerizing objectives..

  • Create woodworking related directory.
  • Website to create visibility and disseminating information.
  • Dialogue facilitation between wood industry entities.
  • Conduct Workshops conducted by experts to increase awareness.
  • Increase knowledge by collaborating with experts.
  • Promote Skill development.
  • Promote member products.